The Red Hand

This guild was established by Ren Karth in Twolakes


Red Hand Guild Hall
Red Hand Forward Office – Twolakes

Job Board

Members may only select to undertake missions which they meet the ranking requirement for. Members one rank below the required rank may only undertake missions if accompanying a member of adequate rank who has requested their services. Higher ranking members may only request the help of up to 2 lower ranked members at one time.

Below is a list of all job postings that are available to all guild members.

Rank S and Above

Rank A to C

The Black Book

Idea: A black book will magically show all of the guild’s secret information. Magical ID.
Below is a list of all secret jobs that the guild has been presented


Members and Ranking

Members are ranked on a letter grading scale


  • Spy Network (75k Gold) – Twolakes (Adds +(sqrt(gp invested/1000))
  • Mining OP (35k) – Produces C’thun steel
  • Lods Village (50k) – Increased to small town.
  • Guild Expansion (35k)
  • Spy Network (20k Gold) – Arcanos

Completed Jobs

The Red Hand

Irah - Rise of the Red Hand BlakeSmith