Time and Date

Current Month: September

In the world of Irah the year consists of 12 months with 30 days each. The lunar cycle is synced with this as well, and goes through one full cycle a month.

For simplicity the names of the months may be referred to by the real-world counterparts, but if you feel like you want to get into the spirit of things you can see below.

Earth Irah Season Notable Days
January X Winter N/A
February X Winter N/A
March X Spring 20th -Spring Equinox
April X Spring N/A
May X Spring N/A
June X Summer 20th – Summer Solstice
July X Summer N/A
August X Summer N/A
September X Autumn 20th -Autumn Equinox
October X Autumn N/A
November X Autumn 25th – Discordsmight/Valormight
December X Winter 20th – Winter Solstice

Time and Date

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